Our affiliates are bodybuilders, students, YouTube personalities, cat moms, business owners and much more. The Bite Meals Team saw the ability in them to empower, encourage, and motivate others to lead a lifestyle of fitness and wellness. For that reason, we knew they were all a perfect fit to represent our brand image.

  • Nikki Blackketter

    Nikki Blackketter

    "Nikki B"

    Nikki Blackketter is a miniature, blonde, 26 year old cat lady, with a strong addiction to the killer endorphin kick she gets out of throwing around some iron at the gym. She has an obsession with getting new stamps in her passport, scary movies, finding optimum selfie lighting/angles, decorating her home and recording herself rambling on YouTube whilst accomplishing all of these things "#YouTubeLifez". You can also check her out on Instagram @nikkiblackketter

  • Amanda Bucci

    Amanda Bucci


    Amanda Bucci is a fitness lifestyle YouTuber and NPC bikni competitor, who got her start participating in bodybuilding competitions. She holds a bachelor's degree in nursing, an education that helps in her role as a fitness and health entrepreneur. She uses her social media platform to inspire, motivate, and educate those who may be too scared or unknowledgeable to move forward on their own. You can follow Amanda on Instagram @amandabuccifit

  • Emily Duncan

    Emily Duncan

    "Em Dunc"

    Emily is a kinesiology undergraduate student from Louisville, Kentucky. She is also an avid NPC bikini competitor, online nutrition coach, and social media influencer. Emily is a serious advocate in regards to health and uses Bite to stay on track with her busy schedule. You can check Emily out on Instagram @em_dunc and Emily Duncan on youtube.

  • Hannah Bower

    Hannah Bower


    Hannah graduated with a bachelors degree in Health and Exercise Science with a focus on Sports Medicine. She was a collegiate gymnast until an injury ended her career. She is now a gymnastics coach and certified personal trainer whose goal is to help people achieve a balance within their life, all the while helping them create a healthier lifestyle. You can follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahbower2

  • Taylor Chamberlain

    Taylor Chamberlain


    Taylor Chamberlain is an NPC bikini competitor and has a huge passion for fitness/wellness. She graduated from Purdue University with a degree in dietetics and now runs her own health/wellness company. You can check Taylor out on Instagram @taychayy and on youtube as well.

  • Marie Wold

    Marie Wold


    Marie Wold is a recent college graduate who enjoys sharing her love for food and fitness with the world on social media. She always encourages others to #GrindAndBeGrateful, which encompasses her motto for all aspects of life. Marie’s passions outside of the gym include traveling, running a marketing consulting business, and constantly learning about the world around her. Follow her on Instagram @mariewold fitness.

  • Julian Michael Smith

    Julian Michael Smith

    "Quad Guy"

    Julian was born and raised in Oregon and also studied at Portland State University, where he received a degree in business. Julian owns and operates a medical courier service that specializes in the delivery of pharmaceutical radioactive materials to hospitals. Julian enjoys bodybuilding, but loves the aspect of a healthy lifestyle. He believes everything in life should test you and loves to meet those challenges head on everyday. You can follow him on Instagram @smith.julian

  • Caryn  Paolini

    Caryn Paolini


    Caryn is an IFBB bikini competitor and former psychologist. Fitness has helped her overcome personal struggles all the while fueling her fitness training. She is also a certified nutritionist and loves pushing others towards a healthier lifestyle. You can check Caryn out on Instagram @cayrnnicole